Senator Wright Encourages Entrepreneurs To Tap Into Resources Offered By Small Business Development Centers
OSWEGO, NY - Small businesses are the backbone of New York State’s economy. I believe it is important to have technical, financial and organizational assistance available to help entrepreneurs develop and grow their businesses.

This type of support is available at the small business development centers (SBDCs) in Jefferson, Oswego and St. Lawrence counties.

I encourage existing and potential business owners to take advantage of the many services offered by the centers.

The centers provide one-on-one services to small businesses and entrepreneurs, helping with everything from forming business plans to finding funding sources to resolving organizational, financial, marketing and technical issues. With this assistance, which is provided at no cost, small businesses have a better chance of success.

The SBDCs also offer classes and seminars that are focused on a certain aspect of business and economic development. For example, in March the Jefferson County SBDC is holding a seminar on “Selling to the Government,” which is something many local businesses are interested in doing given the continued growth of nearby Fort Drum.

Jefferson County’s Small Business Development Center opened in 1986 and is based at Jefferson Community College in Watertown. The advisors here have either owned at one time or currently own a small business, so new entrepreneurs are able to tap into the knowledge of experienced business owners.

The Jefferson County SBDC also offers an outreach program in Oswego County and has a satellite office at the Lewis County IDA.

The Small Business Development Center at SUNY Oswego celebrated its 20th anniversary last year. It is cosponsored by the US Small Business Administration and SUNY Oswego through the Center for Business and Community Development.

Like the Jefferson County SBDC, this center provides business owners with education, research, technical assistance and training.

The SBDC at SUNY Canton is the latest addition to Central and Northern New York’s centers.

It was established in 1997, and besides offering the same services as the Jefferson and Oswego SBDCs, Canton also take a regional approach to small business development by working with manufacturing projects, micro loan projects, veterans, women, minorities and Native Americans.

I am committed to advancing economic opportunities in Central and Northern New York, and I look forward to the continued success of the region’s small business development centers.

I encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to contact the SBDC nearest to them. Here is some helpful contact information for the Centers in Oswego, Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties.

Oswego County: Small Business Development Center at SUNY Oswego:

(315)312-3492. On the Web:"

Jefferson County: Small Business Development Center at JCC: (315)782-9262.

On the Web:

St. Lawrence County: Small Business Development Center at SUNY Canton:

(315)386-7312. On the Web:

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