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International Business Experience

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The IBD office has developed business cooperative agreements and memoranda of understanding with Chinese government agencies at different levels and with industrial parks to promote cooperative interaction. As a result, New York businesses have introduced and promoted their products and services, at a very low cost and risk, to develop new business opportunities throughout China.

The IBD has provided assistance to hundreds of businesses on issues of international trade, co-production, joint ventures, outsourcing projects, market identification and feasibility, financial issues, customs, regulations, taxes, tariffs, trade shows, etc.

The IBD office, together with New York SBDC Regional Centers, has organized training sessions, meetings, and seminars that focus on business information, opportunities, challenges, and practices involved in international business and trade.

A great number of SBDC clients have benefited from participating in these activities through interactive presentations, case studies, discussions that provide practical assistance on entering or expanding the business practice and operations in a foreign country.

Over many years, the IBD has successfully organized a great number of business delegations and trade missions and coordinated the activities of the visiting business delegations from foreign countries. Among the delegation members have been business leaders, sales representatives, technicians, engineers, lawyers, SBDC staff, and government officials.