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Energy Savings Programs

In today’s economic climate, small businesses face a financial challenge adjusting to a new set of energy demands. All smallbusinesses have to allocate an increasing percentage of their revenues to pay for electric and gas consumption, but there are practical steps that can be applied immediately to your business to reduce and control energy costs.

The New York SBDC refers small businesses to partners to provide energy audits for small business owners interested in improving energy efficiency for their operations.

The reviews will take a look at:

  • Lighting - Replacements for inefficient lighting
  • HVAC - Replacements for old and inefficient heating and air conditioning  systems
  • Controls - Improved or added controls for lighting, heating and hot water systems
  • Conservation Measures - Improved insulation weather proofing seals and weather-stripping
  • Renewable Energy Systems that are appropriate for the business

When the energy reviews are completed, the local utility and the SBDC will provide expert assistance in evaluating the cost and benefit of each recommendation and highlight the immediate and long term return on investment, including the tax implications for your business. This assistance will include:

Assisting with financial access to implement the recommended energy savings and renewable upgrades that will return dollars to your pocket!

  • Each utility has a specific rebate program that can reduce the costs of implementation by up to 70%.
  • Loans are available to qualified small businesses that usually can be paid from reduced  energy bills.
  • Tax deductions and incentives from the State and federal returns that apply to your business.

Energy efficiencies and green solutions are environmentally responsible practices that will improve your bottom line by reducing costs, increasing productivity, and often result in positive press coverage that will improve customer loyalty.

Your business can improve energy efficiency and gain a competitive advantage while doing what’s best for your business, your family and your community. Your SBDC Advisor would like to help!