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Resources to Help You Start Your Business:
Featuring tips on preparing business plans, a Business Planning Resource Center to ask questions of experts, and links to a number of actual plans.

Internet NonProfit Center
Provides links to other nonprofit groups & charities on the Web, an online library of related documents, and tips on how to evaluate organizations before you invest your time, talent, or treasure.

National Business Incubation Association
Incubators are entities that provide various means of support for businesses during their early, vulnerable years. Learn more about what this association offers such businesses.

Edward Lowe Foundation
This site contains hundreds of articles and briefs of information that will provide second-stage entrepreneurs and their businesses with a resource on how to get to the "next level."

Small Business Advancement National Center
Originating from the University of Central Arkansas, this site offers extensive information for small and/or family businesses.

Small Business Resource Center
This site offers advice for small businesses on everything from writing business plans to designing presentations to improving management expertise.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Everything one would expect from their local chamber, but on a national scale: training, information, and assistance to small businesses.