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Going Green

By making your business environmentally efficient, you can see a quick return on investments as well as long-term cost savings.  Increasing the value of the company through energy efficiency benefits not only the business but the environment as well and can augment the public’s opinion of your company.

"Going Green for small businesses relates to and benefits the triple bottom line - 'People, Planet & Profit'.  From a business' economic perspective in these difficult times, making simple changes such as energy use implementations (think using more efficient light bulbs, installing programmable thermostats, and turning off computers during down business hours for starters) provides immediate dollar savings and profit increases, which in many cases pays for the costs of the implementations in a very short amount of time, while providing the savings for a much longer period of time past the payback period.

Going Green also increases Profits when you consider the effect a business has on People and the Planet.  Businesses do not operate in a vacuum.  They are an intricate part of the community they exist in.  Developing recognition among customers regarding the business' respect for and contributions to the people and environment they serve provides a sense of connection and loyalty with customers.  This consciousness leads to bigger and better business opportunities, especially in today's green business conscious zeitgeist in America, which is easily recognizable when looking at many successful businesses current marketing and product development endeavors.  I challenge you to watch one block of commercials on TV without coming across an ad for a hybrid vehicle, or a corporation's efforts at controlling climate change for instance.  If these successful large businesses recognize the importance of people and planet in their profits, small business should recognize the same." – Frank Cetera, Green Energy Aware, Onondaga SBDC


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