New York SBDC's What's Your Signage? Wins State Award
On December 23, 2005, Dorothy Buice, President of the New York Library Association Government Information Roundtable (NYLA/GIRT), announced the winners of the 2004 New York State Notable Documents Awards.

Among the two winners is What's Your Signage? How On-Premise Signs Help Small Businesses Tap Into A Hidden Profit Center, a handbook developed by the New York State Small Business Development Center. The book acts as an introduction for small business owners to the importance that signage can have on their business.

The awards are presented for outstanding documents produced by New York State government agencies or for a notable agency effort. "Public access to State government information supports the basic right of the citizens of New York State to be informed about the actions of their government," said Buice. "By presenting an annual award to agencies who have produced exceptional documents distributed through the New York State Document Depository Program, we are not only honoring their effort, but encouraging other agencies to participate in the Depository Program."

What's Your Signage? has been submitted by NYLA for consideration of a national award from the American Library Association, which will be decided later in 2006.

If interested in knowing more about – or purchasing a copy of – "What's Your Signage?" contact Darrin Conroy at 518-641-0605.

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